Dating and Schools

Students have one things on their minds typically. And, in most cases it isn’t education. Most teens are focused heavily on dating and romance while they’re in school. However, schools typically fail teens in this regard.

Typically students are subjected to politicized sex education classes, meaning they get a biological version of it that encourages them to have sex or an abstinence only message that doesn’t really work.

I wish schools would actually help students with the dating game. Yes, it’d be nice if schools taught basic dating advice for men and women. Before you think I’m crazy just realize that schools need to teach social skills. Look at how badly that’s needed.

Would I want to hear dating advice from an old crusty teacher if I were a teen? Probably not. But, schools could bring in an expert who knows what he’s talking about who is young and cool.

Teens, especially guys, could use to learn a little about the dynamics of dating and how to be attractive. Trust me, most young men and women get no advice or tips on dating outside of their parents. And, in many cases, their parents have just as lousy social skills as they do.

So, it may sound ridiculous, but schools could use to address social skills such as dating with their students.


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