Schools Need Alpha Males

At the school where I once taught, there has been a concentrated effort to weed out the male teachers, especially the most popular ones. The leadership is very feminized and it shows in the way the school is run. Getting rid of men is only one aspect.

I believe these school leaders, both men and women, fear the alpha male. They have a certain leadership brand that emphasizes feminized qualities. Alpha males certainly threaten that brand. And, in schools, there is no room for discussion in any way.

It isn’t simply that a weak principal doesn’t know how to be an alpha male or something similar. Rather, the modern day school leadership often opposes alpha male leadership on various grounds. A lot of it is radical feminism at work. And, radical feminists hate alpha males with a passion.

But, schools need alpha males. The boys need to see what positive, confident leadership looks like. The males need to know how to be men without being wimpy on one hand or jerks on the other. Also, the female students need to see what confident, strong, and moral leadership looks like. Many of them don’t see it in the home because they don’t have males in their home!

So, schools need alpha males. Many of them badly. Some students won’t have a male teacher until they’re ready to graduate. Why this is considered acceptable is beyond me.


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