Teaching and Sweet Talking

As a teacher, you really have to know how to handle students. You can yell, scream, lecture, and punish, but how often does that really work? Does it work for adults? No, but too many teachers and leaders think it does work for kids.

What really works to get others to do what you want is sweet talking. I know it would absolutely never happen, but teachers need to learn how to sweet talk as a part of their teaching training.

If you can sweet talk a student, then you are already close to getting that student to pay attention, follow directions, and learn. I need to explain what I mean by this, of course.

First, sweet talking doesn’t mean romance in anyway. It also doesn’t mean manipulation or anything unethical. How to sweet talk in the educational setting means connecting with the student in a special way.

For example, if you know a student enjoys sports, then sweet talking could involve building rapport through sports. If a student is having a bad day, then sweet talking could involve asking about that and trying to help make a day better.

But, sweet talk must come from a genuine relationship with the student. Teens can see through bull shit pretty quickly. So, if you’re going to use sweet talk and be a little slick, make sure you already have a good relationship established.

So, teaching and sweet talking aren’t opposed. In fact, try sweet talking to get students to do what you want. In many cases they’ll actually like it and like you even more.


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