What Exactly Is the Education Department Up To?

March 26, 2010

They’ve recently purchased 27 shotguns. As I understand it, they’re a part of the department’s law enforcement arm. That a department run by educational bureaucrats has a law enforcement arm scares me even more than the shotguns.


He’ll Have to Wait- A Tragedy

March 19, 2010

This post is the first of many “F-ed Up Fridays” where I post the bad, the ugly, the horrific, and the insane among education news.

In today’s story, horrific may not be a strong enough adjective to describe the teacher’s actions. Sam Linton, an 11 year old in the UK, died from an asthma attack after his teacher refused to help him because she was in a meeting at the time. Even this boy’s friends had enough common sense to approach the teacher for help. Her response? “Go away.” She then added, “I know Sam is there and he will have to wait.” The boy died after finally getting help hours later – from a teacher his 13 year old brother.

This is an awful tragedy and I’m sure that the teacher, Janet Ford, had no intention of killing this boy. Yet, her arrogance allowed it to happen. This hubris, demonstrated by her comment that “he will have to wait,” is founded on the common belief among teachers that they have absolute authority and student needs are totally subservient to the teacher’s sense of good order (which can vary wildly).

Sam probably created headaches for Miss Ford that day, so she marginalized him. His friends had probably acted out in the past, so she ignored their concerns. She attended to bureaucracy, while ignoring the needs of the human beings. I see this attitude daily, but never with such tragic results.

And, Miss Ford hasn’t even been suspended. God bless education.

Blog Fridays and Saturdays

March 18, 2010

I’ve decided that Friday posts will be a part of an ongoing series called “F-ed Up Fridays.” Basically, the silly, farcical, and dark side of education will be spotlighted here, mainly taken from news stories. And, of course, I’ll be adding my own thoughts.

Saturday posts will be devoted to “Spotlight Saturdays” where I highlight good, bad, and downright ugly teachers with none of the details spared. I would like to take submissions for this category since I’m sure there is no shortage and loads of people probably need to get some of the horror stories off their chest. I only ask that every submission be well-written. I’ll tackle the first few and will post an email address later for those interested in helping out.